The following are selected commercial projects we have worked on.  Please contact our office for additional projects or information.


Our services vary from project to project.  For a list of available services, see Structural Engineering Services and Design Services on this site.

Commercial Gallery

Selected Projects

2875 South decker lake drive

Suite 275

Salt Lake City, Utah 84119


Phone: 801.575.6455

Fax: 801.575.6456

Thanksgiving Point

Resort facility including; retail, restaurants, gardens, golf course, etc.


JFRG Office Building #3

Office Building located adjacent to Decker Lake, West Valley, Utah. 6 stories.


Quarry Climbing Gym

Utah’s largest indoor climbing gym located in Provo, Utah.


Museum of Natural History

Largest Museum of Natural History in North America.  Includes interactive displays, Imax theater, and more.


2002 Skier Services

2002 Olympic Skier Services Building located in Park City, Utah.  In conjunction with the Mtn Marriott Resort.


Granger Medical Building

Granger Medical and Surgical Center located in West Valley, Utah.

Structural Engineer

Park City Office Building

Office and Dental Facility located in

Park City, Utah.