Property Reports

2875 South decker lake drive

Suite 275

Salt Lake City, Utah 84119


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Fax: 801.575.6456

First & Howard Bldg 4, High-rise Condition Survey

San Francisco, Ca

Salt Lake City Main Street Plaza Structural Review

SLC, Utah

West Minister Parking Structure Structural Review

SLC, Utah

Foothill Village Structural Condition Survey SLC, Utah

605 Waterford Park Towers Condition Survey Minnesota

Providence Tower Condition Survey Houston, Texas

1 Million SF of Office and Warehouse Condition Survey - Sparks, Nevada

Eaton Towers Condition Survey SLC, Utah

Brickyard Plaza Condition Survey SLC, Utah

215 South State Street Condition Survey SLC, Utah

ZCMI Center Parking Terrace SLC, Utah

Regent Street Parking Terrace SLC, Utah

ZSC Parking Ramp SLC, Utah

ZCMI Mall Level 7 SLC, Utah

Social Hall Parking Structures SLC, Utah

Social Hall Block SLC, Utah