2875 South decker lake drive

Suite 275

Salt Lake City, Utah 84119


Phone: 801.575.6455

Fax: 801.575.6456



Warehouse Universal Industrial Park

Warehouse/Tilt-ups-2000 South 4130 West

Sansegal Sportswear Warehouse

Jacobsen Investment North Temple Warehouse

Thanksgiving Point Warehouse

Alcohol Beverage Control Warehouse

Atlas Office/Warehouse

Signature Warehouse

Monson Warehouse

Warehouse at 2950 West 500 South

McCombie Warehouse

Megadyn Warehouse Addition

Gordon Warehouse

Grain Warehouse

Warehouse Outlet

Nixon Office Warehouse


1700 South Warehouses

Compass Management Warehouse

Lovell Office and Warehouse

JPM Electric Warehouse

Jerry Peck Striping Warehouse

Star Products Warehouse

2000 South 4130 West Warehouse

UPS Expansion

Sansegal Sportsware Warehouse

Columbia Contractor’s Warehouse

Club and Restaurant Warehouse

Tadd Wright Warehouse

2950 West 500 South Warehouse

Constellation Warehouse

Tartan Textiles Warehouse

Cobblecrete Warehouse

Nicholson Warehouse

Defense Depot Warehouse

CSI Office and Warehouse